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A dental specialty concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disease, injuries, and defects of the human oral and maxillofacial region.

  • Extraction — a procedure in which a diseased, redundant, or problematic tooth is removed, either by pulling or cutting out. This procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia and is very common — many people have their wisdom teeth removed before they become problematic. A wisdom tooth or third molar is one of the three molars per quadrant of the human dentition. It is the most posterior (most distal) of the three. Wisdom teeth generallyerupt between the ages of 17 and 25.[1] Most adults have four wisdom teeth (a third molar in each of the four quadrants), but it is possible to have fewer or more, in which case the extras are called supernumerary teeth. Wisdom teeth commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted or “coming in sideways”. They are oftenextracted when this occurs.Impacted wisdom teeth are classified by the direction and depth of impaction, the amount of available space for tooth eruption and the amount soft tissue or bone (or both) that covers them. The classification structure allows clinicians to estimate the probabilities of impaction, infections and complications associated with wisdom teeth removal.[5] Wisdom teeth are also classified by the presence (or absence) of symptoms and disease.[7]

    Treatment of an erupted wisdom tooth is the same as any other tooth in the mouth. If impacted, treatment can be localized to the infected tissue overlying the impaction,[8]:440–441 extraction[9] or coronectomy.[10]

  • In collaboration with our oral surgeon we are capable of offering complicated surgical treatments, such as:
  • Alveotomie (difficult extraction of third molars or other impacted tooth)
  • Apicotomie
  • Cystectomy
  • Bone augmentation (Straumann Bone Ceramic)
  • Sinus lifting (elevation of floor of maxillary sinus)
  • GTR/GBR (guided tissue regeneration/guided bone regeneration)

Even the most complex surgeries are undertaken with minimal trauma to the surround tissue, making postoperative treatment less painful and much shorter for the patient.