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Price list

Price list

Implantology and Surgery
Straumann* Implant Premium Titan Roxolid 730Eur
Straumann* Abutment Titan 133Eur
Sinus Lift+Bone Substitute Geislich BioOss*+Membrane Bio Gide* 730Eur
Osteotomy/Wisdom Tooth extraction surgery 160Eur
Apicoetomy 160Eur
Tooth extraction 53Eur
*Straumann is Premium Swiss Implants and provides LIfetime Guarantee for Implant+Abutment, in case of ORIGINAL parts
*We dont use “cheap implants” , “no name”  or “low cost” dental materials, only premium products with scientific documentation


Metal Ceramic Crown* 213Eur
Veneers,  e.max IvoclarVivadent* 305Eur
Zirconium Ceramic Crown(CAD/CAM Kave Everest+IvoclarVivadent)* 305eur
Titanium Ceramic Crown* 253Eur
Esthetic core build up+root canal post FRC Postec* 93Eur
Straumann Zirconium Abutment/Individual 200Eur
Wironit Prosthesis With Esthetic Teeth 600-730Eur
Prosthesis on Straumann Implants/Locators/Novaloc 660-800Eur
Preci Line or Similar Attachments 66-105Eur
Provisional Acrylic Crown 23Eur

*We use only Certified Premium IvoclarVivadent Ceramics and CAD/CAM KaVo Everst System (Germany)

*We do not use cheap subsitutes without proof of biocompatibility and certificate of quality


Fixed Orthodontic appliance per jaw 1000-1100Eur
Fixed Orthodontic appliance per jaw-Sapphire Ceramic White Braces ICE 1260Eur
Molibe Orthodontics 600-730Eur
Retainer 185-211Eur
Specialistic check up, therapy plan, analyze of jaw models and measurements 33Eur


Operative Dentistry and Endodontics
Fillings in Composite 3M Espe Filtek 53-66Eur
Fissure Sealing Kurray 33Eur
Glass Ionomer Filling GC FujiIX 40Eur
Root Canal with Obturation, Protaper+AH Plus 66Eur
Teeth Bleaching Powerboost 280Eur
*We use only Premium Materilas like 3M Espe (USA), Kuraray and GC (Japan) or Vivadent (EU-Liechtenstein)


Removing Tartar/Calcus Ultrasonic+Sand Blasting 67Eur
Deep Scaling+Root Planing/Initial Peridontal Therapy-per tooth 20-25Eur


First Visit, Specialistic Opinion, Therapy Plan 43Eur


One way: Cash, Maestro, Visa, American Express, Diners.

6 loan rates, 0% interests: American Express, Visa, Diners.

12 loan rates, 0% interest: Diners.