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Price list

Price list

Implantology and Surgery
Straumann* Implant Premium Titan Roxolid 800Eur
Straumann* Abutment Titan 160Eur
Sinus Lift+Bone Substitute Geislich BioOss*+Membrane Bio Gide* 800Eur
Osteotomy/Wisdom Tooth extraction surgery 210Eur
Apicoetomy 200Eur
Tooth extraction 80Eur
*Straumann is Premium Swiss Implants and provides LIfetime Guarantee for Implant+Abutment, in case of ORIGINAL parts
*We dont use “cheap implants” , “no name”  or “low cost” dental materials, only premium products with scientific documentation
Metal Ceramic Crown* 240Eur
Veneers,  e.max IvoclarVivadent* 373Eur
Zirconium Ceramic Crown(CAD/CAM Kave Everest+IvoclarVivadent)* 373eur
Titanium Ceramic Crown* 253Eur
Esthetic core build up+root canal post FRC Postec* 140Eur
Straumann Zirconium Abutment/Individual 200Eur
Wironit Prosthesis With Esthetic Teeth 750-8000Eur
Prosthesis on Straumann Implants/Locators/Novaloc 7000-800Eur
Preci Line or Similar Attachments 66-105Eur
Provisional Acrylic Crown 40Eur
*We use only Certified Premium IvoclarVivadent Ceramics and CAD/CAM KaVo Everst System (Germany)

*We do not use cheap subsitutes without proof of biocompatibility and certificate of quality

Fixed Orthodontic appliance per jaw Forestadent Mini Sprint 2260Eur
Fixed Orthodontic appliance Ceramic White Braces GLAM 2500Eur
Molibe Orthodontics 600-730Eur
Retainer 190Eur
Specialistic check up, therapy plan, analyze of jaw models and measurements 50Eur
Operative Dentistry and Endodontics
Fillings in Composite 3M Espe Filtek 80Eur
Fissure Sealing Kurray 40Eur
Glass Ionomer Filling GC FujiIX 60Eur
Root Canal with Obturation, Protaper+AH Plus 60Eur
Teeth Bleaching Powerboost 350Eur
*We use only Premium Materilas like 3M Espe (USA), Kuraray and GC (Japan) or Vivadent (EU-Liechtenstein)
Removing Tartar/Calcus Ultrasonic+Sand Blasting 80Eur
Deep Scaling+Root Planing/Initial Peridontal Therapy-per tooth 20-25Eur
First Visit, Specialistic Opinion, Therapy Plan 43Eur


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