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Arriving by air

Like all major cities in the world, Zagreb has an airport nearby. Just 17 km from the centre, 20-25 minutes by car, the modern Pleso Airport will offer you all the necessary facilities and services, whether you’re a local or a tourist, so your journey through our city can start and end pleasantly.  Located in the vicinity of Velika Gorica, Pleso Airport is a centre for every renowned airline, numerous rent-a-car offices, and restaurants. It has a large and secure parking lot, which adds to your comfort and makes your stay in our city carefree.

Zagreb has excellent connection with all major cities in Europe by air. For example, low cost company Germanwings fly to Zagreb from all countries in Europe. Also goes for Norwegian Airlines, AirBaltic and Brusselairlines.

Other companies, like British Airways, Air France, KLM, SwissAir , Lufthansa or Croatiaairlines have excellent conections and direct flights from UK, France, Holland, Switzerland or Germany  to Zagreb/Croatia.

Direct flights to Zagreb from: Vienna, Berlin, London, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Rome, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and more (updated September 2015 StarAlliance).

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Arriving by train

Back in 1890, when construction started on Zagreb’s Main Railway Station, it wasn’t just an ordinary construction, but the realization of an architectural vision from which arose a 200-meter-long neoclassicist building, full of sculptures and decorations, and which is now a protected cultural heritage of Croatia and a symbol of Zagreb’s architectural legacy.

Beside its primary function, receiving passengers, the  Main Railway Station, like all modern stations, offers other amenities to modern travelers: cloakroom, seat reservation office, information booth, money exchange, restaurants, advertizing, lost and found office and car transport by rail.

Main Railway Station

King Tomislav Square 12

TEL: +385 60 333 444, +385 1 37 82 583



Arriving by car

Major international road routes are:





Arriving by bus

The bus terminal is on Marin Držić Avenue, and it’s only a few minutes away from Ban Josip Jelačić Square by tram (line 6).

The information office number is: +385 72 50 04 00. Information and assistance in purchasing tickets online: +385 1 60 08 610. The traffic office is at: +385 1 60 08 605.

The bus terminal

Marin Držić Avenue 4

TEL: +385 72 50 04 00, +385 1 60 08 610