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Aesthetic and restaurative dental medicine

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We pay special attention to aesthetics with unconditional implementation of professional regulations. We are using the most modern and quality materials, mostly made in USA, such as 3M ESPE Filtek Ultimate® i Heraeus Kulzer Charisma® composite (white) materials. It is possible to protect the destroyed tooth from further degradation with fillings made from these materials, securing long-term functionality and great aesthetics of your teeth.

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Modern dental treatment also considers minimal invasive approach, so our dental center is using laser diagnostic of suspicious decay with KaVo Diagnodent pen® device.

Larger cavities can be solved with ceramics or composite inlays, onlays or overlays made in a dental laboratory.

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Tooth whitening

We all want bright and white teeth! However, often times many questions are raised about possible contraindications and complications of teeth whitening.

In our practice we use Ultradent®, the worlds most recognized and tested material made in USA. This product whitens teeth safe without any enamel damage. Chemical whitening is scientifically proven and is a long-lasting solution in comparison with blue lamps or laser devices.

The only issue that occurs after whitening is teeth sensitivity that last individually from few hours to few days and it is completely reversible.