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Professional team

Olga Lulić Dukić, DMD, PhD, MS

DMD, PhD, MS, Professor specializing in pedodontics and preventive stomatology

Mrs. Lulić Dukić is a Professor specializing in pedodontics and preventive stomatology with over 40 years of experience with children at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. She specialized in working with children from the earliest age using modern, noninvasive and completely painless methods, providing good health and friendly relationship with her patients. She pays particular attention to a psychological approach to those who might be uncomfortable or scared of a dental treatment, especially children.

  • Clinical evaluation of indirect composite restorations at baseline and 36 months after placement.
  • The influence of Healozone on microleakage and fissure penetration of different sealing materials.
  • Clinical comparison of flowable composite to other fissure sealing materials–a 12 months study.
  • Combined surgical-orthodontic therapy for compound odontoma
  • Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia: dental features and carriers detection.
  • Factors predisposing to early childhood caries (ECC) in children of pre-school age in the city of Zagreb, Croatia.
  • A biomechanical analysis of deformation and strain on lower jaw model.
  • Psychophysiological parameters and children’s behavior during dental treatment.
  • Osteointegration of a replanted tooth followed by RVG densitometry.
  • Effect of unilateral function on craniofacial growth.
  • Hereditary orthodontic anomalies and idiopathic scoliosis.
  • [The effect of deciduous tooth injuries on the permanent successors.
  • [Caries protective effect of toothpaste containing active fluorine.
  • [Epidemiology of dental caries in children at the Ivan Gundulić elementary school in Zagreb, 1972-73].
  • [Dental caries prevention in Zagreb schoolchildren from 1968-1973.